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Argus Paul Estabrook: Heartfelt Welcome

Seoul / Virginia


Argus Paul Estabrook is an award-winning photographer with accolades such as the Magnum Photography Awards and Sony World Photography Awards in recognition for his documentary work highlighting the disparities and social turmoil present between Western and Eastern cultures. 

A global citizen that holds an identity of both American and Korean descent, Argus manoeuvres between both worlds to find his comfortable footing. 

Upon graduating from an MFA at James Madison University with a concentration on intermedia, he ventures straight back to photography upon moving to South Korea. With his unique perspective on Korean identity, he sees a higher calling to give others a voice through imagery, especially attending to marginalised cohorts and sub-communities. 

Versed in the political atmosphere of South Korea, his more recent work sheds light on topics of tension and injustice that surround the system. 

Shot in the later months of 2017, this series highlights President Donald Trump’s arrival to South Korea for a two-day summit to reaffirm the Korea-US alliance. Argus’ high contrast long-exposure black-and-white photographs encapsulate the brewing quarrel of the event between government bodies and the left-wing protesters. His vantage supports the labour unions and student groups, as he captures where the National Police Agency retaliates and maximises their presence at protest zones. 

Argus Paul Estabrook’s work has been featured in many worldwide publications, including our first publication “TOFU”. We are delighted to welcome him back, to display his work once again, as part of our online exhibition series. 

Edited by Michael Cheung