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Casper Kent: Sakura Lust

Manchester, UK


Throughout the Japanese seasons the cherry trees will blossom in daylight and the neon signs from the love hotels will blister in the evening. In Japan there is an annual tradition, Hanami, where the briefly blossoming flowers of Sakura is welcomed and celebrated. This fleeting blossoming moment epitomises the unique sensitivity of the Japanese people that “all things will eventually pass” and their awareness to such evanescence. 

The artist Caspar Kent is connecting and expressing the symbolism of the Sakura through and with lustful and dreamy imagery. The photographic series becomes an intimate window into both an erotic dream and reality. Caspar Kent creates a gap between escapism and realism – a view on a fleeting moment in life and how it can last indefinitely. In these moments, one exists such as the Sakura blossom, in the torrent of emotion and feeling, and the withering and rebirth, which ultimately comes after.

Edited by Nikolaj Ahlefeldt Andersen