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Chang Yu Hsuan: 路邊打卡風景

Born in 1993, Taiwan.


Chang Yu Hsuan depicts girls all over Taiwan through her colourful and dreamy photographs. The ongoing project is aiming to portray girls by presenting what they do and like, instead of how they look. Chang spends many hours engaging in the girls’ lifes in order to build up a close bond before photographing them in a set-up that feels right for them. Her prime focus in photography has always been to find the right element for her models that makes them feel confident and empowered. 

Since Chang often travels across the landscape of Taiwan to meet her models, she has seen most cities on the small island. But she is not drawn to the cities. She is intrigued by the space in between. According to Chang, the often untouched scenery between each metropolis allows us to breath deeper. With this in mind, she captures almost painting-like pictures that aren’t necessarily parallel with the actual landscape but represents the state of mind you’re in when finding yourself in a deep breath. Through the series 路邊風景 Chang reflects upon the social interaction when pointing a lens towards natural behaviours – both in people and nature – reflecting the beauty in every appearing detail.

Chang Yu Hsuan is a self-taught photographer focusing on topics of femininity. Her work has been featured in several magazines including Pink Things Mag, Just Magazine and Limonata Mag, among others.

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Edited by Stine Sonnichsen