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Charlotte Yao: Look at Me

Sichuan, China


A marriage is a mystery when looking from outside, and even more so to the married themselves. The photographer Charlotte Yao sees her relationship with photography as a marriage on the brink of collapse, and her photographic work Look at Me (2017-2020) is an attempt in trying to save it.

How, where and why do we look? By experimenting with photography as a medium, Charlotte Yao presents enchantments and emphasize blemishes of how we see the world.  By depicting intuitions, without settled conventions, Look at Me becomes a personal therapeutic method of rebuilding relationships that allows herself and her medium of practice to re-examine, and additionally be affected by each other.

Picturing everything from waves reflecting the light from the sunset, the hood of a ramshackled car or the nightfall at Mount Tamalpais, the art of Charlotte Yao moves in the interface between reality and fantasy. Showcasing curiosity and rebellion in what the medium of photography visually enables, Charlotte Yao challenges our senses by blurring the pictured, occasionally adding figurative and distorting elements, photographs of her own photographs, all breaking the reality of her own and the viewers perspective. 

Edited by Nikolaj Ahlefeldt