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Born in 1993, Tainan, Taiwan.


Back in 2017, Chih Hsien Chen photographed the everyday life at an internet café close to his home over a period of a year.
He developed a specific interest for the feeling of home expressed among the frequent-visiting customers – especially a large group of adults that spent most of their day at the café with everything that involves. INTERNET CAFE! PANDA became a project that depicts an obscure culture where all social moral and norms outside cyberspace are blurred – be it awake or in deep sleep. With the series, Chih Hsien Chen’s passion for documenting strange encounters in his daily life was awakened and ever since he has been collecting fun snapshots of friends and new acquaintances through his channels.

Chih Hsien Chen is a self-taught photographer studying at the Tainan University of Technology. Through his documentary practice – animated and playful, yet carries a hint of rebellion – he documents local cultural phenomena in Tainan, where he was born and currently resides.

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Edited by Stine Sonnichsen