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Daigo Tsukuda: Love & Funny

Born in Okayama Prefecture, Japan in 1979.
Currently lives and works in Okayama Prefecture, Japan.


With his snapshot aesthetic, Daigo Tsukuda documents his own family life and everyday surroundings. Often focusing on humorous and ambiguous rendezvous, his street photographs showcases a joyous world balancing between aspiration and childhood. In this loving world, amusement, leisure and merrymaking creates the overall themes for the photographic series Love & Funny (2022).

Daigo Tsukuda began taking street photography in 2007, after browsing the photobooks in a bookstore. His photographic work revolves around the subjects of intuitively feelings and joyous moments of everyday life. Daigo Tsukuda is a member of the street photography collective Through The Lands, an association created with the ambition of forging links between photographers across the globe, while also being a photo editor at WeGallery Photos. 

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Edited by Nikolaj Ahlefeldt Andersen