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Gendai Igarashi: Proof

Born in Chiba, Japan. Currently lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.


Proofing something is the process of making a verification in a printed or engraved matter. With photography, Gendai Igarashi encapsulates the streets of Tokyo as a spectator trying to capture the corners and crevices of the city’s inner core. In the photographic series Proof, Gendai Igarashi manually controls the exposure and focus as a testimony to his ideology of street photography as a proof of existence of the subjects and situations in the photographs. Hereby, the photos are a visualization of his own senses, and thereby, represents a living proof of himself as photographer. 

Gendai Igarashi is a self-taught street photographer working as a newspaper delivery man since he was seven years old, influenced by his parents’ work running a newspaper store, which has affected the way he photographs life in the streets, with uttermost care for control over the camera to showcase his reality of the streets of Tokyo.

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Edited by Nikolaj Ahlefeldt