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Haiyi Liao: Twig and Water 彡•氵

Born in 2001, Sichuan, China.


Nature is the soft interior beneath the complex appearance of the city. – Haiyi Liao

Plants grow in different directions freely, inward and outward, up the skies or down a riverbed. Plants live within their own idea and growth even under human conditions. The photos by Haiyi Liao shows vitality, a natural energy that causes an organism or human being to grow and thrive in whatever environment it is placed. 

In her series, Twig and Water 彡 . 氵, Liao explores nature to convey a poetic side of mundane surroundings of the urban landscape showcasing and exuding a unique whimsical, natural realm that appears in all areas of cities. According to Liao, representation of the natural world is not enough, we also need a poetic world as the photographs in magically manner invites us into. She finds nature as an intimate corner to indulge in fantasy, feel the ethereal and fleeting beauty of natural growth represented through plants, animals, people, textures, natural scapes and how they affect and relate to each other.

Haiyi Liao is a self-taught photographer who started shooting at an early age, observing everyday life and its surroundings.

Edited by Nikolaj Ahlefeldt Andersen