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Haiyi Liao: 彡•氵



A plant will grow in different directions. Growing freely, both inward and outward — into the skies or down to a riverbed. Plants live within their own idea and growth. What would happen if we transformed or translated human life to do the same? The photos by Haiyi Liao shows vitality, a natural energy that causes an organism or human being to grow and thrive in whatever environment it is placed. 

Just as nature is the soft interior beneath the complex appearance of the city, these photographs showcases and exudes unique development in all areas of life. The real world is not enough, we also need a poetic world as the photographs invites us into.

Haiyi Liao focuses on nature and natural growth. The growth is both represented through plants, animals, people, textures, natural scapes and how they affect and relate to each other. Haiyi Liao finds nature as an intimate corner to indulge in fantasy, feel the ethereal and fleeting beauty.

Edited by Nikolaj Ahlefeldt Andersen