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Haruto Tsuji: Grid Network

Born in 2000, Hokkaido, Japan.


In the electric power industry, we have the term “power transmission and distribution network”. The power lines appear to work individually, but electricity spreads through the poles. It is not a point or a line, but a huge grid network of poles and wires. However, if even one power line goes down, the whole area can lose power. – Haruto Tsuji 

In Grid Network (2020), Haruto Tsuji reflects upon our age of decreasing direct connections by depicting the sight of power lines running along the top of poles as indications of a human desire to clearly express our relationship with others as a tool of not being left behind. By pointing his camera towards the sky, he creates a landscape of utility poles and wires as a metaphor of the fragility of how modern people are constantly connected. Haruto Tsuji has exhibited his works locally including Hirama Gallery (JP), Saru River Art Museum (JP) and Shin Sapporo Gallery (JP) and he has won the JPA Youth Prize as part of the 17th Japan Professional Photographers’ Society JPA Exhibition in 2019.

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Edited by Martin Wendelbo