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Henry Hu: shading port, BEAMS

Born in 1995, Hong Kong.
Currently lives and works in Sydney, Australia.


Light, insistent, stripped of everything cynical. A quest of devotion and care. A quest for those imagined futures. We all share these innocent thoughts of the things to come. And in time, with how entangled it all becomes, an instinct to remain hopeful, might be all there is to it. – Henry Hu 

Exercising through various media, Henry Hu’s emerging practice commits to an infusion. An exchange. An immediacy. A link between the interior and the exterior — of a self, a being, an identity, a consciousness. Each individual series offers an overarching narrative, steps away from the present for a spell: tasked with casting new perspectives, fresh air to breathe, a spiritual relief. Often juxtaposing the past with the future, differing forms of surrealistic fantasies unfold across his works; along with a recurring structure, the heart of all series rests in harmony.

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Edited by Tofu Collective