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Humankind0026: Through the Lens of Life

Born in 1996, Hebei, China. Currently lives and works in Shanghai, China.


Fragments are wonderful and fascinating as they fill the whole little by little. Everybody see beautiful constructions of the encountering of fragments everywhere without necessarily caring. Through my photographs, I try to reconstruct the neglected parts of every life in order to produce a slightly different whole. – Humankind0026, translated.

Closely connected to a young community of experimenting photographers in Shanghai, Humankind0027 is first and foremost an emerging internet phenomenon highlighting fragmentary perspectives on everyday objects through close-up photographs. Traveling through space and time through social media, his work acts as a collection of colourful and highly aesthetic everyday objects emphasizing the quality of the everyday human encounters with the surrounding world. We highly encourage everybody to follow the work of Humankind0026 and enjoy the evolvement of his practice.

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Edited by Nichlas E. Kofoed