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Jiageng Lin: Day Break

Born in 1995, Beijing, China. Currently lives and work in Rochester, NY, USA.


“From last summer to fall, I brought my camera to wander around my neighborhood and the suburbs. Neither did I have a clear destination in my mind, nor was I in a hurry to develop the negatives. I was simply enjoying the burning sensation of the hot summer sun. These negatives stayed in my folder for a long time. I spent hours and hours staring at them trying to seek for a connection between myself and the moment but eventually couldn’t come out with any clue. These pictures are like puzzles to me. After one day of reading this quote from Luigi Ghirri, the answer was already there: “Taking pictures, to me, is like looking at the world in a state of adolescence, renewing my stupor on a daily basis, a practice that reverses the motto of Ecclesiastes: nothing new under the sun. Photography seems to remind us that there is nothing old under the sun”.” – Jiageng Lin

Jiageng Lin is a photographer and visual artist currently based in Rochester, NY. After graduating from the MFA program majoring in photo and related media, he works as a digital archivist at the Cary Graphic Arts Collection at Rochester Institute of Technology. Jiageng’s work asks the questions: How do we see the world? And, how does photography shape and form our memory and mind? Integrating different mediums such as photo books, collages, and installations is a way for him to push the boundaries of photography. Jiageng’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally including Rochester Contemporary Art Center; Gallery Q, Rochester NY; RIT City Art Space, Rochester NY; JKC Gallery, Trento NJ; OFPIX Studio, Beijing China; Modern Art Academy, Shanghai China; Millepiani Gallery, Rome IT; and others.

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Edited by Martin Wendelbo