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Jialin Yan: Subtropical White Night

Fuzhou, China


It seems further and further away since we were too lost in the moment to care what time it was. We used to have long conversations, about random mundane things. Subtropical White Night, by photographer Jialin Yan, reminds us about and explore intimate friendships through images. The photographic series illustrates the eagerness to connect emotions to our closest relations. Yan captures these mundane but beautiful details that we miss due to our busy adult life. The images show a spontaneous and quick feeling, just like every corner torn from a summer diary. Jialin Yan showcases that belonging to a group of people can be bigger than ourselves which make life easier. 

Subtropical White Night refers to long summer nights at the high latitudes outside the Arctic circles. Under those circumstances it never gets completely dark. The sun can only reach a small angle below the horizon which creates a white scattering night-sky.

Jialin Yan (b. 1992) from Fuzhou, China is a photographer focusing on youth, intimate relationships and daily life. Yan’s work has been showcased at several exhibitions and participated in independent publications. She is also co-founder of a female photography project Miroir Project.

Edited by Nikolaj Ahlefeldt Andersen