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Jian Nie: Drudgery Train

Shenzhen, China


Dark is the color of the night. During the day the colors of the city is under an ever-changing light from the sunlight. After nightfall, the city has the potential to disappear altogether or at least be reinterpreted by what are illuminated.
Drudgery Train by Jian Nie travels through the tight-paced city of Shenzhen after hours with a camera and a complimentary flash head to light up the night.

The intentionally underexposed photographs enlighten specific elements we often overlook as pedestrians. Looking at the city during the night we can finally appreciate wet zebra lines, the light penetrating a mist, neon filled skyscrapers or hidden branches. Jian Nie enlightens with blurred out scenery and bright flashes details of pedestrians and the city landscape. Drudgery Train is a visual mood-board and inspection of night wandering. It is the moments where we encounters or ignore strangers coming, going or passing through.

Edited by Nikolaj Ahlefeldt Andersen