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Jinran Zhang: Linglong Pagoda

Chengdu, China


As long as you are looking down, you cannot see something that is above you. Linglong Pagoda (2017-2020), an ongoing photographic project by Zhang, showcases the local customs and religious aesthetics western China under the change of the new era. Zhang are challenging our senses by using surrealistic perspective, occasionally adding collage elements to capture the intersection of technology and tradition, reality and representation.

Jinran Zhang shows curiosity and rebellion with his striking intimate photos of mundane Chinese life. Several of the photographs presents characters looking at their mobile devices, looking away or have a burned-out face. No human seems human, but rather a coincidence placed in a world of randomness. Jinran Zhang is remembering and proving that randomness and coincidences are a beautiful thing, from which a large part of life comes from.

Edited by Nikolaj Ahlefeldt Andersen