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Ka Xiaoxi: A small selection

Born in Daqing, China. Currently lives and works in Shanghai, China.


With clients like Apple, Adidas, Converse, Nike, The North Face, The New York Times – and features in Dazed, VICE, Paper Magazine and many more, Shanghai-based photographer, Ka Xiaoxi, is no stranger to the spotlight.

With his 35mm camera in hand, Ka started his career thinking he was going to capture his favourite rock bands performing, but slowly found himself more mesmerised with the Chinese youth culture surrounding the bands. Ka’s capturing of the Chinese youth has since extended from bands to street culture, fashion and clubbing. The photographs are visceral, often bold snapshots that captures unapologetic moments in time. The photos featured is a small collection from different series throughout his career.

Ka Xiaoxi is a photographer whose work revolves around Chinese youth, street culture, and fashion, captured in its most authentic, rawest, and sometimes craziest forms. Ka is best known for his unique and bold snapshot aesthetic – simple, meaningful moments in time that tell visceral stories about his subjects. His work has been exhibited at Pingyao International Photo Festival in Pingyao, China, 193 Gallery in Paris, France, and J:Gallery in Shanghai, among others. Besides his artistic practice, he is a commercial photographer, curater and art buyer running the art plantform Goooodie, which was founded in 2011.

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Edited by Nichlas E. Kofoed