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Keita Kusaka: A Gap in the Landscape

Osaka, Japan


What is the gap? A gap is the space in an object or between two objects. It is a break in continuity. Keita Kusaka (b. 1976) photographs moments where people or landscapes are unprotected and vulnerable. Kusaka focuses and reflects upon the state where we’re totally unaware of the other people around us. The photographic series is published as a photobook A Gap in the Landscape (2019). Each single book was hand-bound using recycled cardboard boxes and glued-on photo printouts, making each copy unique.  

Each moment captured by Keita Kusaka effort spirals into hilarious, sometimes poignant, and impossible-to-predict chaos. Yet still remains ordinary and routine-like. Kusaka invites the viewer everywhere from the tree-hugging elderly in the local park, acrobat-practicing kids on the playground or food-spilling customers at a street restaurant. 

The photographs document the lives of people in a comic odyssey, inevitably creating comfort through awkward contradictions of modern life. We are all around, all the time. A Gap in the Landscape is a quirky and transcendent view that motivates the viewer to keep exploring the mundane moments of everyday life. Keep your eyes and ears open, and don’t miss the extraordinary gap around you.

Edited by Nikolaj Ahlefeldt Andersen