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Kenya Sugai: Sense of Unity

Born in Kyoto, 1977. Currently lives and works in Tokyo.


“Over the last years, I have specialised in snapshots – capturing both the social meaning of my subjects and the gap that occurs when they are situated in the real world. But in recent years, I moved towards a more purely visual representation, focusing on the colours and forms that appear when the subject is removed from its social meaning.” – Kenya Sugai

Kenya Sugai, a photographer based in Tokyo, is a veteran at capturing colorful snapshots on the street for about 20 years. His work has been published into photobooks and he has broadened his practice through collaborations in the fashion industry together with Bottega Venetta, Harper’s Bazaar Japan and Numero Tokyo, among others. In his series Sense of Unity, we see close crops on peacocks, palm trees, cars and hands. Despite the varying subject matter, it all has the same theme: a shifted perception that draws us in to these fragmented moments.

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Edited by Tofu Collective