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Kim Tae Kyun: Rawteenstar

Seoul, South Korea


Taekyun Kim (LESS) studies the realm of youth and vitality that lies between raw reality and ideal stardom. The exhibition, Raw-Teen-Star, captures the energy of the unfiltered youth and the borderline between reality and ideal. The gap between the youth and the celebrities is incomparably in LESS’ work. However, they are not so different from one another.

Perspectives is blurred out and textures of natural youth shines through his photographs. The photographs explore a world of youthfulness through his lens, with images both presenting fore-, middle- and background. What is youth today? How do the youth perceive the world? And how do they see themselves? The pictures deliver an uncompromising force of energy and vitality that penetrates the viewer to imagine and reflect what happens behind the curtain of today’s youthful identity. The artist presents his perspective, as an open window, the viewer to look beyond the perfect setting of the fashion studio and the polished facade demanded by the media, and instead tries to discover the energy and vitality that pierces through when his subjects are liberated from the pressures of public attention.

The exhibition exemplifies a world of completely carefree living. Freedom, energy and youthful spirit shine through every picture. The youth portrayed does not try to prove anything to anyone. It is impossible to guess where the youthfulness and energy come from or where they are headed. The surroundings show universal youthful courage can be anywhere, and the youthful energy can be found in everyone. Kim aims to simplify but also encourages the viewers on their own terms. Age, gender, heritage or culture does not matter. The youthful energy and freedom will shine through anywhere and to everyone.

Edited by Nikolaj Ahlefeldt Andersen