Online Exhibitions
Kristen Liu-Wong: Assembled Parts

Los Angeles, USA

Laser guns, Doric columns, umbrella drinks, CRT televisions, marble sculptures, soda pops and scran, Ming pottery, lava lamps, snakey snakes, large décor plants and anything else you wouldn´t possibly imagine side by side in vibrant neons and dazzling pastels. In this colourful world, everything is dominated by fierce, strong and aggressive heroines with mischievous smiles, who act upon their sexualities, pleasures, fears, resentment, grief and desires – all occuring in rooms of flattened perspective and heavy patterning. When not naked, these women prefer wearing dead animals or dominatrix outfits with sharp spikes and knives. We are pleased to invite you into the mysterious, complex and brutal palace-like universe of Kristen Liu-Wong.

Text by Martin Wendelbo Rasmussen