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Lao Xie Xie: Shanghai no why

Shanghai, China

What happens when you have a head full of visual ideas, but can’t draw or paint? You pick up a camera and express yourself through the lens like Lao Xie Xie started doing only three years ago. Born in a poor village in the Sichuan province, but now based out of Shanghai, Lao visualise an intersection between Chinese traditional items and the raw and edgy surroundings of their personal life in order to document the new Chinese generation z through expressive portraits.

The warm-coloured and blurry style of Lao was born from the frustrations of creating for everyone but yourself – which is the sole reason you should be creating in the first place – for yourself. As Lao puts it: “If onlookers like it, cool. If not, too bad”. The creations are a sight to behold, which is why we are proud to present the work here on TOFU Online Exhibitions … but enough talk, your eyes belong to Lao Xie Xie now.

Text by Nichlas E. Kofoed

©Lao Xie Xie