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Li Wei: The Flying World

Beijing, China


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome onboard. 

Flying is one of the strongest images of freedom. In the collection The Flying World, Li Wei (b. 1970) uses the motif to express his personal ideology. The compositions resamples the dangerous and unstable life situation society offers, but primarily, his work mirrors how he maintain a balance in a sometimes problematic set up – with a humorous and playful attitude. Through this philosophy, Li Wei maintains the subject of freedom in his work.

After all, when you’re the one flying, you’re the one seeing the greater perspective. 

Li Wei is originally a performance artist, but in the interest of preserving his art in a rapidly  changing world, he threw his love at the more permanent medium of photography. His work mixing performance and photography creates an illusion of a wicked truth that makes most people hold their breath for a second. However, his photos are not as far from reality as they may seem. The only thing he post-edits are the wires that helps people levitate. Li Wei is indeed still, if not more than ever, a true performance artist. 

Through his ongoing work, Li Wei has gained international recognition for touching upon the subject of not belonging to earth and seeing humanity from space through the physical contrast between falling and flying. Li Wei is once again making us loose gravity with the collection The Flying World.

Enjoy your flight.

Edited by Stine Sonnichsen