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Liang Xiu: Fire Like Me

Shandong, China


(…) The sinful flames are created by the life of mine.
Every time when the storms of despise,
violence or destruction end,
I will lick my stream of blood and tears.
Only I, it’s me, love myself.

Liang Xiu – Fire Like Me, 2021

A headless young woman wrapped in plastic, a human’s bare feet squashes glass, and a smeared lipstick kiss in the dark, Liang Xiu’s photographs is ethereal yet caliginous. The subject of the photographs –often the artist herself– either avoids an exchange of eyes between the spectator and herself, or looking straight into them with a coquettish lack of shame. Capturing life around her home, Liang Xiu’s photos speak the language of a place far removed from the gentrified megalopolis. The photographic work Fire Like Me establishes, comments and confronts life on the fringe of Chinese society.

Liang Xiu was born in 1994, currently lives and works in Shandong Province, China. She primarily works with photography as the foundation for her artistic expression, showcasing and challenging economic disparity, gender-norms, identity and sexual orientation. Liang Xiu was the recipient of the 2017 Three Shadows Photography Award, and has been exhibited worldwide, including Three Shadows Photography and +3 Gallery in Beijing, and Alexander Tutsek Foundation in München, Germany. The photographs of Fire Like Me embraces and supports a shifting, ever-changing China freed from expectations and stereotypes. In other words, suggests and shows a reality rejected by the traditional socio-cultural system.

Edited by Nikolaj Ahlefeldt