Online Exhibitions
Liao Wen: The Flesh Store

Beijing and Shenzhen, China

The Flesh Store by artist Liao Wen is a series of small silicone sculptures showcasing the human body as daily objects. At first glance we are struck by disgust and repulsion as we are confronted with human parts being showcased as store-bought meat, kitchen inventory or other. But at the same time there is empathy present for these sad fates. By leaving our original idea and sense of the body parts we can appreciate an unique aesthetic of the sculptures physical attributes.

Wen’s sculptures are imprisoned, suffering the violence from themselves and the audience. Pain and fragility are not necessarily always ugly. On the contrary, they often depict pure and aggravating beauty. By cutting and sealing – preserving and preparing human body parts, Liao Wen is for a brief moment, making us flee life and its absurdities.

Liao Wen is born in Chengdu, China in 1994, and currently living and working in Beijing and Shenzhen. She studied experimental art at Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. Her work involves performances, sculptures, printmaking etc.