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Martin Parr: Hong Kong Parr



As any other respected chronicler, it’s Martin Parr’s unique perspective that makes his stories compelling. His weapon of choice? A camera with a ring flash. In 2013 Martin Parr went to the infamous city of Hong Kong to photograph a project for Blindspot Gallery. Here he captured the barrage of fashion, food and colour that surrounds the densely populated city. During his trip, Martin became acutely aware of the tricky relationship between mainlanders from China and the people of Hong Kong. The mainlanders visited in ever increasing numbers to enjoy the spoils of life by queing up in front of luxury brand shops, theme parks and buy an abundance of items like condensed milk with a ‘Healthy Body Shape Formula’ – whereas the people of Hong Kong was just trying to … live.

Martin Parr is a full member of Magnum Photographic Cooperative. 

The images below has been published in a book called Hong Kong Parr.

Edited by Tofu Collective