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Maya Akashika: Dokidoki Telepathy

Born in 1985, Osaka, Japan. Currently lives and works in Osaka, Japan.


“Whether it is a made-up fantasy portrait or a snapshot in an East Asian city, each image does not end in a conventional story. In my photographic journey, the “good photo” has to have a “sparking joy” as if I am touching “something new” for the first time. And beyond that, there is a “telepathy” that comes from my own belief in its existence. Dokidoki Telepathy (2021) goes beyond the series I have been working on, and asks the question: “What is a truly good photograph for me?” The selection is based on a review of the past 10 years of production. With “sparking joy” and “telepathy” as the main theme, it reflects something that has always been important to me in my practice. This is something I have always had to keep in mind when creating, leaving behind, and moving forward again with each image. From small to large things, from pleasant to frightening, there are various kinds of “sparking joy” in our hearts, but if we are able to encounter one it will bring us the next one.” — Maya Akashika

Dokidoki Telepathy (2021) is a long-term photographic work by Maya Akashika, which weaves a narrative world that merges reality and fantasy, tuning into sympathetic vibrations among strands of imagery, such as dreams, photos, and sounds. Maya Akashika provides a different perspective on ‘sparking joy’ in our daily routines and everyday lives, which encompasses everything from a coincidental smile, a heartbreaking wink, eating chicken thighs, ice cream cones, or dripping tears of joy. 

Maya Akashika completed the photography program at Visual Arts College Osaka. Her work Eating Wind  (2011) won the 34th Canon New Cosmos of Photography Grand Prize. She has been showing work in solo and group exhibitions in various locations including overseas. Maya Akashika weaves a unique narrative world in which reality and fantasy intermingle, while tuning in to sympathetic vibrations among various kinds of imagery including verbal accounts of dreams, photographs, pictures and sounds.

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Edited by Nikolaj Ahlefeldt