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Noritoshi Hirakawa: A leap in the dark

Fukuoka, Japan


“Do not dwell on the past. Do not dream of the future. Concentrate the mind on the present moment.” – Siddhartha Gautama

We cannot be happy if we are going through our lives plagued with guilt or regret from the past and anxiety about the future. The present moment is the future we once craved, and someday, it will be our past. Every day, we are writing our own personal history by choosing to change and make it a good one. Therefore, we cannot hold on the uncertainty of present moment although we do not know what will happen as a result.

With initial roots in Applied Sociology, Noritoshi Hirakawa approaches each subject with deep concepts and theories – embedding layers of connotations that allow the audience to freely interpret. 

Influenced by film and performing arts, images exhibited show the essence of cinema with subtle theatrics. Meticulous in detail, each component stimulates our consciousness. Hirakawa invites us to question our preconceptions and ponder on where we stand in our very own existence. 

With intent, he engages us by framing shots in intimate and up-close angles, as if we were actually there within the scene. His ongoing practice is to challenge mainstream views on sexuality, and the disparities that exist between genders and social cohorts, like the inherently exploitative, objectifying, and oppressive gestures men act upon and towards its counterparts. 

Hirakawa’s artistry is showcased in his innate sensibility to translate complex ideas into a grounded language that is easily digestible and palatable while sustaining an allure – leaving us wanting more, as each viewing allows for new discoveries – from within.

Edited by Michael Cheung