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Peter Tong aka Pita: Too Young

Born in 1994, Hong Kong. Currently lives and works in Christchurch, New Zealand.


Being young can be seen as an awkward and lumbersome, yet defining and beautiful time, between childhood and adolescent. The photographic series Too Young (2022) by Peter Tong is an exploration and honouring of youth, its innocence, responsibilities and expectations. A blossoming youth is presented by the photographs portraying the freedom of a naked body alongside and the flowers in transition. In his mind, that even tough the youth are expected great things of, we are all too young to learn about love, fame and fortune. 

Peter Tong is a self-taught art photographer. When viewing Tong’s photographs, he recommends listening to musical songs and keeping the room at a specific temperature. For experiencing the photographic series Too Young, he suggest the song 張國榮 by Leslie Cheung and an indoor temperature of 14°C. 

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Edited by Nikolaj Ahlefeldt