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Pixy Liao: Train Trip

Shanghai / New York


At a young age, Chinese artist Pixy Liao moved from Shanghai to the USA. This is where she met the younger japanese man Moro, fell in love, and started a long and fruitious artistic relationship, that has followed them since 2007.

We featured Pixy’s work – Experimental Relationship – in our publication TOFU. An exploration of authority and power inside a heterosexual relationship. This time, we feature a not-so-known series of photographs taken during one of their train trips through China. 

The subject of the series is Moro. A man caught in the ever-changing scenes of landscapes as the train rolls on and on. He is never really comfortable. He is never really satisfied. He is never really content. He just is. An existence existing in the monotonous interiors of the train, where a gulp of water can feel entertaining. Such is life, in the space of travelling, where you find yourself caught between past, present and future.

Edited by Nichlas E. Kofoed