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Qiu Yiran: The Roar in my Ears

Born in 1999, Guangdong Province, China. Currently lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.


“We live in a time where you can’t be certain of what you see when looking at a photograph. When you scroll through Instagram, get exposed to ads or read a magazine – everything is filtered, modified and adjusted. The photograph used to be a certain moment’s fracture of reality, but it seems like the foundation of reality gradually falls apart and the boundaries between reality and photographic reality gets more and more blurred.” – Qiu Yiran

In The Roar in my Ears, Yiran explores the intersection between reality and manipulation by turning everyday scenes into dream-like, fictive universes. The photographs are twisted through the cameras encapsulation and not post-manipulated, but yet they do not represent the reality completely, as the artist describes it. We highly recommend everybody to follow the career of the emerging photographer, who we are sure to hear much more about in the coming years.

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Edited by Tofu Collective