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Ruya Qian: Fragile

Born in 1987, Suzhou, China.
Currently lives and works in Shanghai.


For the work Fragile, Qian kisses strangers while wearing a mask of mirrors. When they kiss her, their own face reflects towards them, meanwhile they feel the body temperature and breath of an unknown person. 

“I am always confused by the intimate relationships with other people – when you are in love, do you really fall for the other person? Or just need a projection for your love? Or, maybe you just enjoy the chemistry your brain produced. By doing this project, I intend to put these confusions on the table.” – Ruya Qian

Ruya Qian graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University of BA and San Francisco Art Institute of MFA. Quian work within the fiend of photography, video, perfomance and installation. She has been shortlisted for Three Shadows Photography Award 2016, Lensculture “Power” online exhibition 2017 and Fotofilmic shortlist 2017 and 2018.

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Edited by Tofu Collective