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Ryo Osakada: The Link

Born in 1995, Kyoto, Japan.


“We all know the feeling – some days feel like everything you experience is an array of affairs that already happened to you before. Like everything is a repetition… Nothing special. 

Since I started to dive into the genre of street photography, and bring my camera with me everywhere, I constantly find myself in vivid situations. The brief moments of  surprising and often humorous incidents – interactions between strangers, nature growing wild, or animals being their weird selves in public – reminds me that I naturally exist as a part of the city and nothing exists on its own. It’s a very poetic feeling. When I catch things like this in a photograph I create what I refer to as “The Link” – a connection between the poetic moment and our mechanistic perception of the world… To remind myself and others of the importance of looking at everyday things humbly.” – Ryo Osakada

Ryo Osakada born and raised in Kyoto, which is also the scene for all the photographs in The Link. 

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Edited by Tofu Collective