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Sakurai Ryuta: Milk Me

Born in 1983, Osaka, Japan.
Currently lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany.


In the series Milk Me, Sakurai Ryuta discovers the essential behaviors in people, nature and the meeting between the two. Through a raw snapshot aesthetic Ryuta invite us to witness fragments of the life of him and his friends in his hometown Osaka.

“I’m very obsessed with the original naturism movement that is particularly practiced around Germany. This cultural and social movement is advocating and defending non-sexual nudity in private and in public. Through photography, I explore the possibilities of naturism in the 21st century in Japan… And it’s not as alienated as it might seem, for example the philosophy is practiced around the country in the traditional mixed bathing culture.” – Sakurai Ryuta 

Sakurai Ryuta studied photography at Osaka University of Arts. For many years Ryuta worked in the photo- and publishing industry. Later, he travelled around Asia as a freelance photographer. A few year ago, he decided to once again study photography – this time in Nürnberg, Germany. Relocating himself to Germany has, according to the artist, opened up to explore new subjects such as cross-cultural meetings, multiculturalism, belonging etc. which he reflects upon in his first photobook Human Trip published last year.

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Edited by Tofu Collective