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Shin Noguchi: awareness

Ōmachi, Japan


I’m here, just here. You’re here, just here. Occurrences may last but a moment, but they will somehow always connect us to each other. Shin Noguchi treats the camera as another appendage – a special sensory organ merging hand and eye that allows him to show us what he sees, and more subtly, how he sees. Sentiment and affection are common themes, but his photographic work is never sentimental. Shin Noguchi is a street photographer with omnivorous eye, recording tender moments of his family, and on the contrary, documenting newsworthy events like the earthquake in Fukushima. These surprises, encounters is happening on the streets of Tokyo where he works, or Kamakura where he lives. In reality the photographs displays a feeling of being present in the right here, right now, as well as standing in a perfect perspective. 

Extraordinary moments exist in our daily lives and they can happen anywhere and at anytime. Our everyday mundane and sometimes routine-like world is still full surprises, at least in the world of Shin Noguchi’s photographs. The photographic series awareness, depicts a world where giraffes wander about buddhist temples, where golf carts cluster like insects on neon-green lawns, or simply showing burst from openings in blank walls as if transporting to or returning from another dimension. The subject’s of Shin Noguchi’s photographic work exemplify for him the meaning and value of life — by taking their picture is to affirm human existence as well as giving an opportunity for himself to affirm his own existence and accept. Extraordinary moments exist in our daily life and they can happen anywhere and at anytime, we just have to open our eyes in the right here and the right now.

With a merging of documentary photography and artistic purview, Shin Noguchi portrays human life in an obscure and unorthodox way. Shin Noguchi was born in 1976 in Shinjuku, Japan and based in Kamakura and Tokyo. Shin Noguchi’s work has been exhibited worldwide, including Galerie Eigenheim Weimar in Berlin, Space Place Gallery in Russia, Leica Street Photography Festival in Shanghai, 12th International Architecture Biennale of São Paulo, and he has received several awards such as 1st Prize at Prix Talents MAP Toulouse Festival, the Open Commended at the Sony World Photography, the 1st Prize Winner at the Leica World Street Photography Competition, among others.



Edited by Nikolaj Ahlefeldt Andersen