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Sungjin Park: Southern Breeze

Born in Seoul, Korea. Currently lives and works between Seoul and New York.


I believe it was my second trip back to Thailand, sometime around 2014 when I first took pictures of what I saw and felt. Although it was hot and humid, I really felt home this time around. There was something magical about this place. I never intended to make a body of work from my trips. It all came quite naturally. I just loved being out and about. I had no plans to photograph anything. Every trip was simply a vacation. Sometimes it was two weeks – sometimes it was two months.

When I look back at these pictures, it was the people, the places and the light that made such a great impression on me. Perhaps I wanted to see how I reacted to new things in new surroundings. By looking back at these pictures, I realize what I was seeing and thinking. It is little difficult for me to say what these photographs are about. I do not want to categorize them either. Being out there was my calling. Making photographs was only secondary but followed naturally. – Sungjin Park

Sungjin Park graduated from Pratt Institute, New York, majoring in Painting and Photography. He has been a part of A+C festival 05 and also recently awarded a first prize at the Photographic Center Northwest competition juried by Charotte Cotton. The featured photos are all from his book ‘Southern Breeze’ documenting his multiple vacation trips to Thailand.

Edited by Nichlas E. Kofoed