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Suzuna Tajima: Confine and Breathe

Born in 2002, Tokyo, Japan.


Suzuna Tajima has confidence to do what she believes is right, even though other people may not agree or approve. A constant reminder of her creative freedom, lunacy and prudence are illustrated, though her use of blurred out imagery, flash-lit subjects, dusty and grainy rainbow-filled skies, and by taking photographs of printed photographs as seen in the series Confine and Breathe.

Suzuna Tajima is fabricating a personal, almost totalitarian visual language, liberated from traditional visual storytelling through her own freedom of visual speech. Tajima experiments with digital editing, almost otherworldly, by reshaping or revitalizing her analogue photographs with geometrical shapes, patterns and collage. These visual experiments contributes effectively to a vigorous, almost animated perspective on youth, spirit and identity. Suzuna Tajima’s view on the world seem to spin wildly and hastily, and identity seem as a diagnosis where only photography functions as medicine. The photographic series Confine and Breathe is hallucinatory, often fearless and relentless imagery as unexpected picture-editing and vertiginous camera installments assaulting the viewer’s senses and scrambling the brain. Through her photographic practice, Tajima expresses mischief to the conflict between patience and selfishness within herself, and ultimately also the viewer.

Suzuna Tajima is a selftaught photographer who began her photographic practice when studying fashion design in Tokyo.

Edited by Nikolaj Ahlefeldt Andersen