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Vera Xia: The Nocturnal

Beijing, China


What happens during night? Like a nocturnal animal foraging for food, the darkness provided a cover for photographer Vera Xia. After she came back home from a travel to Berlin, Vera Xia got quarantined in a hotel room for 2 weeks in China. Returning to the outside world, it seemed covid was far away, and most people’s life was back in normal. However, to Vera Xia nothing was normal again, everything looked new, even other-worldly. 

Vera Xia’s The Nocturnal is a stylish monochrome photographic tale, in which she expresses a skewed reality in the city of Berlin. With an obsessive attention to detail, and a mischievous use of light, Vera Xia creates a crisp, jarring and seductive photographic journey through a modern metropolis and its inhabitants undergoing the effects of a pandemic. Thanks to the nocturnal, and due to this societal and personal change, she discovered a side of the city and herself which she never knew.

Edited by Nikolaj Ahlefeldt