Online Exhibitions
Wei-Chen Li: Night Stroll

Taichung, Taiwan

Wei-Chen Li lived in bigger cities for most of his life. As he moved to the countryside, he found that the mystery of the dark dusk in the province made him notice nature and untouched areas in a new way. An overcast of melancholy surrounded him and induced a bittersweet tie through which he learned that as a person being used to move fast, it can take some adaption to settle and appreciate moving slow. Wei-Chen Li is using photography to navigate in a new setting in order to learn how to grow with it. 

In Night Stroll, Wei-Chen Li explores and documents the obscure details of the unknown as he wanders through the night. Here, fiction and reality mingle to create a unique perception of the ordinary objects around us when seen through his lens.

Written by Stine Sonnichsen