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Wong Wei-him: Cream of Life

Born in 1975, Hong Kong.


There’s nothing worth getting in this world that you can get easily.  But, when you put in that much time and effort, if you do achieve that difficult thing it becomes the area of your life.” – Cream by Haruki Murakami, 2019

“I got into photography because of my work as an architect. For many years I used my camera to research spaces and to collect inspiration for my design proces. I always had a camera in my hand in case I passed architectural work worth perpetuating. Later in life I gained interest in street photography. I was particularly a big fan of French-American Magnum photographer Elliott Erwitt and Japanese street photographer Shin Noguchi. I found their ways of reflecting culture and humanity in their photographs very intriguing. They always had their camera by hand to be ready to documents gripping moments in everyday life – much like I was already doing with my photography… So one day, I decided to point the camera down on the street in stead of up in the sky. Since that day street photography has been my biggest passion.” – Wong Wei-him

In 2015 Wong Wei-him participated in his first photo contest and have since been a finalist for FotoFete by Asia Society Hong Kong, The Independent Photographer Street Photography Award 2018, National Geographic Wheelock Hong Kong Photo Contest 2018, WMA Masters London 2019/20 and Italian Street Photo Festival 2020. 

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Edited by Tofu Collective