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Wu Liewei: The Best of Time

Born in 1993, Ningbo, Zheijiang Province, China. 
Currently lives and works in Ningbo, Zheijiang Province, China.


The Best of Time (2020) was an accidental opportunity for me to pay attention to the state of my friends around me. During the filming, I took each of their attitude towards life and their own thoughts. I always felt that photography is a mirror that illuminates you and my heart. We’re in the best time. I have illusions about how they’ve become in the picture after a few years. I’ll keep shooting until I die.” – Wu Liewei

Radiating with virility, zest, playfulness and experimentation, Wu Liewei depicts Chinese youth through photographing his own inner circle of friends. The long-term photographic series The Best of Time celebrates the joy of transgression and break with conventional conventions.

Wu Liewei turned to the art of photography after dropping out of college, an experience that formed the basis of his multifaceted photographic and mixed-media practice. Wu Liewei’s photographs pay homage to spontaneity and the subconscious. His work has been exhibited all over China, including Saatchi Gallery in Beijing, the Ningbo Museum of Art, the Zhuantang Art Biennial in Hangzhou, and the BASAI contemporary art museum in Shanghai. Besides photography, Wu Liewei is also administrator of the independent art organization, Ratings, is the founder of the fictitious collective Shut Down Studio, and manages the independent publishing project, JPEG, all while simultaneously holding a pastime job as a real estate agent. 

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Edited by Nikolaj Ahlefeldt