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Wu Yang: Hear the Breath

Born in Anqing City, China. Currently lives and works in Tokyo.


“At night, when there is no sound, you will hear the sound of your own breath. You will feel a sense of tranquility when you hear your breath. Photography can freeze a moment, although not long, it can also have enough realism to emotionally liberate. I always yearn for a peaceful space to relieve the pressure when I encounter setbacks and difficulties. These moments of tranquility makes me seemingly step into another dimension without the hustle and bustle of the city.

This series is a long term project of mine, which aims to reinforce the role of perception in photographs. The quiet colours and steady focus are serving for this purpose. For those who live in the city such scenes are not often seen, and when appearing they are ignored due to the anxiety of the social environment. The British philosopher Bertrand Russel’s book ‘The Conquest off Happiness’ states that one of the causes of people’s happiness is mental exhaustion. So, if I can make people a little lighter by looking at my photographs, that’s the criteria for my work.”

Wu Yang graduated in Visual Communication from School of Public Art at Wuhan Institute of Design and Sciences in 2017 and Intermedia Art Expression at Tokyo University of the Arts in 2020. With photography and video as his main mediums of expression, he discovers one’s sensitiveness and reflects on the expression of happiness, while researching theories from several fields concerning various issues related to ‘art and hapiness’. His work has been exhibited at Three Shadows Photography Art Centre in Xiamen, among others.

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Edited by Martin Wendelbo