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Xuebing Du: Beauty in Nature

Born in Zhejiang, China. Currently lives and works in Cupertino, California.


It never seizes to amaze us how complex, abstract and beautiful nature is. Xuebing Du captures it perfectly. By emphasizing texture, light and colour, she creates a miniature alien landscape for your eyes to explore. It’s intimate and delicate, and reminds you that the nature surrounding us is very much alive and breathing.

“I explore different shapes and forms I see throughout nature. Transforming everyday subjects into something shiny and glowing is my approach to show my love for nature. What I’m trying to communicate with my shots is a close-up look of this beautiful detailed world of nature, somewhere between reality and fantasy” – Xuebing Du

Xuebing Du currently pursues her MFA in Web Design and New Media at the Academy of Art University. Her photographs have been shown in numerous publications, both print and web media. The photos featured are from different series taken between 2017-2020 forming the featured collection entitled Beauty in Nature.

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Edited by Nichlas Engelhardt Kofoed