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Yan Yufeng: Boy Comfort Zoom

Born in Chengdu, China. Currently lives and works between Shanghai and Milan.


Can trust between photographer and model get build up when photoshoots take place naked in personal, intimate and comfortable places? Capturing raw and vulnerable male bodies in its purest form as photographic subjects, Yan Yufeng attempts to discover the true selves of the boys behind the bodies. With his long-term project Boy Comfort Zoom (2017-), he reflects a fraction of their gentleness with the goal of approaching and examining different expressions and manifestations of masculinities. Working in the genre of portraiture, he produces images that document contemporary notions of masculinity. “Boy comfort zoom” features young men from Italy, China, Germany, and Japan, often posing in their bedrooms. Every shot captures a delicate exchange of trust, giving a zoom into the subject’s vulnerability and everyday comfort.

Yan Yufeng studied at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera a Milano (Grafica) and his works has been featured on numerous online magazines including iD, Metal Magazine, Artwave and Neocha. All photos are from Boy Comfort Zoom (2017-).

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Edited by Nichlas Engelhardt Kofoed