Online Exhibitions
Yifan Pu: The Realm of Virtual Fashion

Berlin / China

If lockdown has taught creatives worldwide one thing, it is to master the art of reframing events and experiences into new digital formats. Though the audience has adapted well into these new forms of practicing their cultivated self, most of us are (literally) thirsty to be able to reunite with society and attend events as we did before the pandemic vis-à-vis. Yifan Pu is one of the uprising digital fashion designers, that will dive even deeper into cyberspace and continue to explore the possibilities of digital spaces further.

Yifan has already accomplished broad acknowledgment as an artist and virtual fashion designer. She was chosen as resident artist for Helsinki Fashion Week, the first ever digital-only fashion week, and has been featured in some of the leading fashion magazines in Germany, were she is settled, such as Vogue Germany, i-D Germany, Hunger Magazine and Kaltblut Magazine. Yifan Pu proceed to build bridges between a new digital era and versed analogue, tactile tradition.

Together with like-minded artists and designers taking part of the collective Digi-Dxl, a global community of womxn, intersex, trans & non-binary people specialising in 3D animation, Yifan Pu is changing the way we look at fashion and the norm in the industry, which, occasionally, feels a bit outworn for the new generation of designers.

So, will the fascination of digital fashion design continue to increase as humans are slowly getting used to facing each other IRL? It hopefully will, cause not only does designing virtual fashion create spaces and opportunities to push the limits within the imagination of fashion, but is also a solution to a broader problem that is waste in the industry, which is why Yifan is a strong advocate for zero-waste pattern making.

With important statements and a dream about separating fashion and mass production, Yifan Pu is truly an artist, that will shape the future of fashion. 

Written by Stine Sonnichsen