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Yin Xiangqi: The Perfect Me and You

Born in 1998, Shandong Province, China.
Currently lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.


“I intend to explore the maintenance and development of intimate relationships through photography. I often ask myself; when we are in a relationship, do we impose our will on the other person? And will the other person compromise only because they want to maintain the relationship? It sometimes makes me wonder if my own thoughts are mine or yours… and if my thoughts were even belonging to me in the first place.” – Yin Xiangqi

Yin Xiangqi graduated from Shandong Institute of Arts and Crafts where he focused his work on dynamic images and photography. He often uses the media to reflect and discuss social relationships – like we see in the series The Perfect Me and You. Xiangqi has exhibited his work in Shandong Academy of Arts and Crafts Art Museum, Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum, Tokyo Mid-Levels Gallery, Chengdu CDT PARK and Hangzhou Kongshan Art Museum. 

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