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Yota Yoshida: The Imaginary Bird

Born in 1981, Kumamoto, Japan.
Currently lives and works in Tokyo, Japan


“As I was photographing a man playing with the birds on the Santa Monica pier, I remembered my daughter staring at a bird through the window at the hotel a few years ago. I wondered how pleasent it would be if the bird she saw was the same one, as one of these on the pier. I imagined the bird tracing its way through the places I had been from that day to this day. I felt the past in the present”– Yota Yoshida

The series The Imaginary Bird is a collection of photographs that could represent random moments in Yoshida’s life as he travels the world, all seen as “the fly on the wall” (or as the imaginary bird). 

Yota Yoshida has a passion for traveling and he especially shoots his personal projects when he’s on the go with his loved ones. His series of interesting, fun, questionable, weird travel-moments has led him to success in his field, including 1st Place of ND Awards, Honorable Mention of Brussels Street Photography Festival, Finalist of Miami Street Photography Festival and others. His works have been featured in numerous medias including Vice, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, It’s Nice That, BOOOOOOOM and more.

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