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Yuhan Shen: Eyeless through Space

US / China


Unforeseen challenges can transform human lives for better or worse. It can be a challenge to simply just observe spaces for some people, and even more to observe the space in a new way. This transformation – or other way of seeing – can create spaces, even worlds, that we have never seen with our eyes or felt on our bodies.

The project Eyeless through Space by Yuhan Shen explores our world in the midst of a lockdown, an unforeseen challenge that created a new world and space for us to wander and live in. The artist Yuhan Shen have wandered around through cities to capture the sense of unease experienced by us all. The artworks in Eyeless through Space tell stories of ordinary scenarios that have been manipulated, reconstructed, distorted, even perceived differently than what we are used to. 

Yuhan Shen (b.1997, China) is an artist based in Baltimore, US. He received a Bachelor in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from University of Southampton and he currently study at Maryland Institute College of Art. 

Edited by Nikolaj Ahlefeldt Andersen