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Zhou Na: In the Room

Tianjin, China


“I document the lingering pain, to resist public forgetting and indifference.”

Around midnight on August 12th 2015 an earth shattering blast was felt in Tianjin, one of China’s busiest seaports. An illegal storage of hazardous chemicals is said to have been the cause of an explosion which injured nearly 800 people and destroyed more than 300 homes. A horrifying parallel of recent events in Lebanon. 

Zhou Na, a Chinese freelance photographer and storyteller, has created a series of haunting photographs from the homes affected by the tragic events. 

The spellbinding photographs attests to the mass destruction and disruption of the private spaces that were once called home. 

Beautifully composed, she manages to capture utter stillness and chaos all in one. 

You can almost hear the wind quietly blowing while sensing the magnitudes of trauma each room has borne witness to. 

As government censorship leaves little room for public discussion on the events, these serve as a reminder of the decisive moment which divided Tianjin in a before and after.

Edited by Stefanie Munck