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Selfie 自拍, 2021, 100x100cm

In the dynamic realm of contemporary Chinese art, Youada emerges as a distinctive figure with roots deeply embedded in the pioneering graffiti movement that swept through the nation during his teenage years. The 1990s saw a huge wave of graffiti culture giving rise to the start of street art in the busy cities of China. It was during this transformative period that Youada found his artistic voice, joining a movement that would serve as a form of rebellion against the societal challenges triggered by rapid urbanization and the influence of political propaganda.

His work resonates with the echoes of a generation grappling with the complexities of a rapidly changing landscape, where the visual language of rebellion found a potentially in his creative endeavors.

For Youada, this narrative holds a profound significance, as he remains committed to the ethos of breaking boundaries through his art. What sets him apart is not just his skill with a paintbrush, but his seamless transition from the raw energy of the streets to the controlled confines of the studio.

Tysoran 泰橘, 2021, 50x50cm
A man riding an iron-eating animal 骑着食铁兽的男人, 2021, 120x120cm

In the tapestry of Youada’s artistic journey, his signature style emerges as a dynamic blend of acrylic mastery and airbrush finesse, crafting a hyper-contemporary aesthetic that defines his body of work. Throughout his career, Youada has perfected this unique style, making it a signature of his artistic identity.

At the heart of Youada’s canvas narratives are meme-like subjects, each infused with a rebellious undertone that speaks volumes about societal norms and cultural shifts. One recurring theme in his art is the portrayal of liberated women, unabashedly smoking and drinking, inviting viewers to confront and question regressive gender norms prevalent in Chinese society. Youada’s brushstrokes serve as a powerful commentary, challenging perceptions and advocating for a more inclusive and progressive outlook.

Asian Crystal Dope Diamond Girl 2 亚洲水晶炫酷钻石女孩2, 2022, 120x120cm
still crying 还哭, 2022, 60x60cm
Stronger vibration, better waterproof, more girly color and clearer shooting 更强的震动,更好的防水,更少女的色彩以及更清晰的拍摄, 2022, 120x120cm

Beyond the human form, Youada extends his artistic gaze to the natural world, presenting depictions of animals on steroids. This intriguing choice sparks contemplation about humanity’s often exploitative treatment of nature, provoking viewers to reflect on their relationship with the environment.

Happy white rabbit creamy candy 快乐白兔奶糖, 2021, 120X90cm
Boxing king's summer 拳皇的夏日, 2021, 150x120cm

The artist’s exploration of contemporary culture extends further into the realm of technology and social media. Youada’s portraits and selfies serve as a stark mirror reflecting the harsh realities of Instagram culture. Through his eyes, viewers are offered a poignant perspective on the sometimes superficial and relentless pursuit of validation and identity in the digital age.

Youada’s artistic repertoire goes beyond the mere act of creation; it becomes a dialogue between the artist and the viewer about the complexities of gender, nature, and society.

Asian Crystal Dope Diamond Girl 1 亚洲水晶炫酷钻石女孩1, 2022, 120x120cm
Jubilant pictures 1 喜庆的照片1, 2021, 60x60cm
At noon one day in October 2022, I saw someone open a bottle of Asahi Beer. As a result, the hops from the beer shine brightly, making the surrounding environment dark, as if it was night 2022年10月某天中午,我看到有人打开了一瓶朝日啤酒。结果啤酒喷出来的酒花发出来耀眼的光芒,使得周遭的环境黯淡下来,彷佛到了夜晚, 2022, 120x90cm
1.25L 1.25升, 2022, 150x120cm
:-), 2022, 60X60cm
Human flight 人类飞行9, 2020, 180x120cm

Youada’s subjects exclusively spring from his memories with many of them being cartoon characters he recalls from childhood TV shows. These figures frequently undergo a transformation, sometimes evolving into bizarre characters unmistakably shaped by an awareness of adult realities.

Aliens of the doll 1, 2 人偶中的异形1,2, 2020, 60x60cm
Say goodbye 说再见, 2020, 80x60cm

Youada’s artworks stand out as genuinely distinctive, urging viewers to reassess the core of artistic worth. Is it discovered in traditional beauty, or does it lie in the deep expression and purpose woven into his unconventional and thought-provoking creations?

When a tiger comes down to ZhuanTang,it is ridden by a dog(white) 虎落转塘被犬骑(白) , 2020, 80x60cm
Asian Crystal Dope Diamond Girl 2 亚洲水晶炫酷钻石女孩2, 2022, 60x60cm
5 pleasures plus 1(2) 五个快感再加上一(之二), 2022, 80x60cm


Born in 1987 in Fujian, China.
Currently lives and works in Hangzhou, China.


At the core of Youada’s artistic approach lies a deep connection to the materials and aesthetics intrinsic to street art. Infusing his canvases with bold subjects, vibrant hues, and an expressive airbrush technique, he prompts viewers to embark on a journey of introspection, challenging spectators to reconsider and redefine their perspectives on aesthetic allure in the tapestry of our everyday lives.

Youada’s work has been exhibited at renowned art institutions around the globe, including at One Way Gallery in Beijing (2018), Swim Gallery in Los Angeles (2019), Tong Gallery in Beijing (2019), Ota Fine Arts in Shanghai (2019), K11 Select in Wuhan (2019), Unit London (2020) and X Museum in Beijing (2020). 

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