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Tofu refers to the blank box (☐) appearing as a placeholder when using a Latin-letter font not compatible with Sinitic scripts. Collectively, we work to bring meaning into this void, bridging the gap that separates East and West.


Tofu Collective is a Copenhagen-based association devoted to promoting Sinophone contemporary art through transnational initiatives spanning exhibitions, publications, commissions, and events. In doing so, we work to create an inclusive platform that can bring new cutting-edge perspectives to the European art scene––while disrupting its West-centric structures––in collaboration with an international network of art institutions and professionals affiliated with the Sinophone regions, diasporas, and communities. 


Tofu Space is a non-profit gallery and community-building platform run by the association in central Copenhagen and realised with support from Danish Arts Foundation, S. C. Van Fonden and Nordic Culture Fund.

Tofu Space: Læderstræde 15, kld, 1201 København K
Opening hours: Tue – Fri: 14–17 / Thu: 14-20

Development & Design — Victor Rønnow