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Tofu Collective is a Copenhagen-based association devoted to promote contemporary art from East Asia through collaborative initiatives spanning publications, exhibitions, and events in Europe. In doing so, we work to create an inclusive space that can confront and challenge Westcentric structures within the art world in collaboration with artists, scholars and institutions affiliated to East Asia and its global diaspora. We are always looking for new partners, members and support as part of that vision to bring about new, remarkable, and influential endeavors that give voice to emerging artistic practices from one side of the globe to the other.

refers to the blank box (▯) appearing as a placeholder when using a Latin-letter font not compatible with East Asian writing systems and vice versa. Collectively, we work to put meaning into this blank space furthering the connection between East and West through cross-continental art collaborations.

Tofu Collective is run by founder and director Martin Wendelbo (MA in Visual Culture, BA in China Studies).

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Submissions and inquiries: contact@tofucollective.com 

Next ordinary general meeting: 8 June 5 PM (Vordingborggade 30, CPH).

Development & Design — Victor Rønnow