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Tofu refers to the blank box () appearing as a placeholder when using a Latin-letter font not compatible with sinitic scripts and vice versa. Collectively, we work to put meaning into this blank space to deconstruct existing dichotomies between East and West.


Tofu Collective is a Copenhagen-based association devoted to promote Chinese and Sinophone contemporary art through collaborative initiatives spanning publications, exhibitions, and events. In doing so, we work to create an inclusive space to disrupt Eurocentric structures within the art world in collaboration with new gen artists, curators and scholars affiliated to the Sinophone regions, diasporas, and sino-ethnic communities. 




Jiawei Zheng (MFA in Media Art, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts)

Martin Wendelbo (MA in Visual Culture and BA in China Studies, UCPH)

Regen Li (MA in Visual Culture and BA in China Studies, UCPH)

Stine Sonnichsen (BA in visual communication, DMJX)

Development & Design — Victor Rønnow